Dear presenters and participants,

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, ICDF 2020 has been postponed from March to October 17th and 18th. However, concerning the current pandemic alerts that have yet ebbed, any foreign participant wanting to enter Taiwan from overseas might be restricted, or a two-week quarantine is required according to the policy. Therefore, the three keynote speakers: Prof. Tanaka, Dr. Kakehi, and Mr. Tony Tang, and presenters from Japan and India, may not be able to participate in the conference in person.

The keynote speakers are informed and will participate in the online conference by pre-recorded speeches and videos of the content. Simultaneously, we have established an official live broadcast channel. During the events, every online speech and presentation will be streamed online, and conduct Live Q&A through Skype audio and video calls. The official channel will broadcast the entire activities and record all the activities. Anyone interested in ICDF 2020 can participate in the conference through the official channel.

The ICDF official channel’s details and live broadcast schedules will be further informed after technical tests. If you have any questions about the conference, please let us know.

Kind regards, 
ICDF Executive Committee

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由於COVID-19疫情之故,如您巳知 ICDF 2020 巳由 3 月延期至 10月17日、18日舉行,但因為目前疫情並未減緩,在研討會期間,欲由其他國家入境台灣的管道,到時可能仍然處於封閉中或需進行2週之隔離。因此,在台灣境外的三位主講者包括 田中浩也教授、筧康明教授、唐聖凱設計師 以及來自日本、印度之發表者,可能都無法入境台灣參與研討會。

我們巳發信通知上述主講者及發表者需要預錄演講及發表內容之影片,同時我們巳成立一官方直播頻道,屆時將在頻道上以播放影片方式及Skype影音電話進行現場Q&A,以完成遠端演講和發表。官方頻道將會全程轉播及記錄完整議程,對 ICDF 2020有興趣者都可以透過此一頻道參與研討會。

在我們完成直播技術上的測試後,將公告ICDF 2020 官方頻道細節及完整直播議程。若對於本次研討會遠端進行方式有疑問,都歡迎您來信詢問!

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